Senator Rick Outman Continues To Speak Out On Whitmer-Led Energy Policies

The Michigan Democrat-led Senate has been hard at work trying to change the state’s energy use. Democrat leaders are pushing expensive and unproven “Green” policies in hopes of driving the state towards unsustainable standards.

Senator Outman has voted against the bill multiple times saying,

“I voted no on the three bills that came before the Senate and will vote against any of the other extreme reforms that stamp a big question mark on the state’s energy future.”

He noted that his biggest concerns center around whether energy alternatives are dependable are budget-conscious. According to Outman, these important questions are being brushed aside,

“They ignore the two main issues people are facing: Reliability and affordability — and they actually bring both of those concerns even more into question. I don’t think the necessary due diligence was done with this package and we’re left with more questions than answers on the table.

The main question I have been asking is how are we going to pay for all this? No has been able to answer that. The fact is, when the private sector faces pressure from the government, costs go up. If it’s more expensive to produce, it’ll cost more to buy.” 

He continued,

“I’m just not convinced we are there yet with these technologies — both known and unknown — that we’d be forced to rely upon under many of these mandates. This governor has even gone so far as to say she would like to fully phase out propane use by 2050, but she is relying on new energy sources that have “yet to be identified.”