Senator Outman also weighed in on Whitmer’s Energy Plan

MI Senator Rick Outman, who has served on the Energy Committee in both the House and Senate said Whitmer’s plans to transition Michigan away from our current energy sources could pose cost and reliability issues for Michiganders who rely on efficient, cost-effective energy to run their businesses and homes.

Regarding Whitmer’s push toward Wind and Solar Outman stated,

“It’s foolish to consider foregoing investments we’ve already made into power generation and relying 100% on unproven technology like wind and solar. The reliability of wind and solar alone has not proven itself to be something I’m willing to bank our future on.”

Outman warned that switching away from coal could cause prices to skyrocket and drive residents and businesses out of the State.

He noted the high number of subsidies already being utilized by Michigan residents,

“The state already subsidizes a number of programs to help people with their energy bills because the rates are so high — these proposals run the risk of over-regulating even more businesses and residents right out of the state.”

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