Representative Joe Fox Gives Voters An Update, Sharing What Bills Have Passed Through The House And What’s On The Horizon

Joe Fox alerted his constituents that many leftist-driven bills recently passed through the House. Three new firearm bills were included, which will require Michigan residents to keep their guns locked away or face a  potential felony charge. Residents will also have to undergo a background check before purchasing a firearm. Possibly the most disturbing bill to pass allows police officers to enter homes and seize firearms without notification if there is a perceived safety risk. Rep Fox pointed out that this new law is a violation of the constitution, making gun owners guilty until proven innocent.

Sadly the 1931 abortion ban was also repealed in the Democrat-led House, stripping the innocent unborn of their right to life. Dems also mandated that employers pay for abortion-related medical care.

Sexual orientation and gender identity were added as protected categories under Michigan’s Civil Rights Amendment. Other notable laws are HB 4250-52, which strips Michiganders of their right to hold their phones while driving. Violations will result in tickets, fines, and points off of a driver’s license. Proposal 2 is being implemented, which allows over a week of early voting, requiring the utilization of drop boxes.

Fox warned that there are disconcerting upcoming laws being considered. The first would make a perception of a threat against someone’s gender a felony-level hate crime. The second bill would work to ban free speech by constraining medical personnel from discouraging “gender-affirming care.”

Rep Fox shared legislation he has put forward:

            HB 4612: $19 million for Lake Mitchell Sewer Authority repairs

 HB 4672: Christian Foundations of colonial history – modifying history and civics class

curriculum in public schools

            HB 4712: ‘Constitutional carry’: individuals (ie, retired police officers) who legally own a

 pistol can legally carry in places where either open carry or concealed pistol license

holders are currently allowed.

Rep Fox also noted that he voted “no” on the Democrat 2024 budget.