News from From Congressman John Moolenaar – 2nd District of Michigan

“What the Hell Is Going On” With Gotion? This week, officials from the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations testified under oath that allowing a CCP-affiliated business to build a factory in Michigan would be a national security risk. The MEDC and local officials in Michigan need to listen to these experts and understand the serious risks of the Gotion project. 

“I don’t think there’s any question that they are going to take advantage of that situation and I think we have to be very vigilant about what the hell is going on. That’s just the way they operate. They will establish a manufacturing unit. They’ll establish whatever they can, and then they will use that for their own intelligence purposes,” said Leon Panetta, the former Obama Defense Secretary for President Obama.

““I think it is worse than the fact that they will engage in espionage. I think that’s just top of the list. They will use [the factory] in ways that will leverage Chinese advantage. These plans are deeply dangerous to our national security and ought not be built,” said Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of State for President Trump.

“”Buying land, buying businesses, and so forth, while may be legal, can still raise national security concerns because it provides a vehicle for [the CCP] to, if they want to leverage that access, to conduct surveillance or other operations that undermine our national security, and we’ve seen time and time again, where they have used that access, leveraged that access, to do that,” said current FBI Director Christopher Wray. You can watch my questioning of Obama Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo here and my questioning of FBI Director Christopher Wray here.

Supporting Law Enforcement

Last week, I met with Oceana County Sheriff Craig Mast and Undersheriff Ryan Shiller. It was a pleasure to speak with them about their work to recruit new deputies, and their concerns about the crisis at the southern border and how it is affecting Michigan. Law enforcement officers like Sheriff Mast and his deputies work every day to keep our communities safe. I will always support the brave men and women in law enforcement!

Congressman Moolenaar with Sheriff Mast and Undersheriff Schiller.

Honoring Our Veterans

On January 24, I had the honor of presenting military service medals to U.S. Air Force veteran and Gladwin County resident Kelly Van-Y. Kelly served in the Air Force and Air National Guard for over 25 years. Kelly devoted his life in service to our nation, and it was great to recognize his career in the military. I am proud to assist veterans, like Kelly, receive military honors they earned in service. If you or a family member would like assistance receiving military honors, I encourage you to call my office at (616) 528-7100.

Congressman Moolenaar presents honors to USAF veteran Kelly Van-Y and his mother, Ollie.