Moolenaar Questions FBI Director About Gotion Battery Plant

Rep Moolenaar is a member of The Elect Committee on the Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party. He recently sent a letter question FBI Director Chris Wray about the proposed battery plant site in Green Township, Mi. Moolenaar asked Wray to clarify what safeguards are in place to ensure Chinese workers are not able to spy on America’s military:

1.) If Gotion Inc. builds a facility in Michigan, can you and the Bureau ensure it will not be used for espionage?

2.) The Gotion site in Michigan is 100 miles from Camp Grayling, where the Michigan National Guard has trained members of Taiwan’s military. Can you guarantee that none of the 20-50 Chinese nationals Gotion will bring to its Michigan site will spy or be coerced into spying on Camp Grayling?

3.) The State Department oversees issuing work visas to Chinese nationals for the purpose of working in the United States. Do you and the FBI trust the State Department’s vetting process of Chinese nationals? What improvements should be made to this process?

4.) Do you believe the State Department’s vetting process can guarantee that no one who is admitted to the United States on a work visa will be a spy for the CCP?

5.) Has the FBI arrested Chinese nationals for espionage who were in the United States on a work visa approved by the State Department.

Director Wray has admitted that the FBI counterintelligence opens new investigations on China every 12 hours. In September, the Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese nationalists have attempted to gain entry onto U.S. military bases.

Read Moolenaar’s full letter to Director Wray here: