Balance of Power in the MI House

Re: A message from the Newaygo County Republican Party Chair
To: All County Republican Party Chairs

On 3/7/24 the Newaygo County Republican Party Executive Committee voted unanimously to financially support Josh Powell for the Michigan 25th district State Representative with a $1,000 donation.
As you know the Michigan House is currently tied, and if the Democrats regain a majority the insane far left agenda will continue to be pushed through further eroding the freedoms of all Michiganders. Winning just one seat can stall their agenda. Winning multiple seats will send a message to Michigan’s radical Governor.
The Newaygo County Republican Party would like to issue a challenge:

To each Republican in Michigan – Personally donate to win this house seat.

To each County Republican Party – Send a financial donation to Josh Powell and issue further calls to other County Parties to do the same.
Let’s win this state back and turn it RED!

Gary Anderson
Newaygo County Republican Party Chair